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Forest certification

Forest owners wishing to provide a proof of their sustainable management practices can apply for the PEFC certification. In concrete terms, this means that the owner commits to managing his/her forest according to the strict rules defined in the PEFC Charter reviewed every 5 years. Les propriétaires forestiers qui souhaitent garantir la gestion durable de leur forêt peuvent obtenir un certificat PEFC. Regular assessments are made in the forest to ensure the compliance of the forest management in place with the PEFC requirements. These assessments are made by independent third-party certification bodies.

To certify your forest is a simple and quick process as PEFC fits perfectly with the specificities of our local forests : family-owned and small-sized forests (on average 2.8 ha per forest owner in Western Europe).
A forest owner (private or public) wishing to get his/her forest certified in Wallonia according to the PËFC principles signs a Charter (lien) and respects its criteria.

Public forest owners can get in touch with the Département de la Nature et Forêts (DNF) for more details about the PEFC certification. Private forest owners can get in touch with the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique.